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released June 17, 2012

Artwork by Natty Peterkin (Cassus).



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I Don't Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings UK

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Track Name: Our names were written in the sand, and I knew water would wash us over, but in those moments consequence had no place and my naivety knew no bounds...
Life is very long when you're lonely.
Track Name: No Funeral
Mistakes we make, haunt our very essence, weigh us down like soaked clothes
Soaked in sweat of our own disposition,
Mistakes we made, are our very essence, no one wants to live like this

Heads hang heavy, arms lay folded. legs lay crossed
(I’m disenchanted and the future is bleak; I’m bottoming out already)

She said what happens behind closed doors doesn't happen at all
(I am scared, I am lost, I've lost all hope)

Leave this place, keep yourself golden. Never mention the aforementioned.

She said what happens behind closed doors doesn't happen at all

Neither party could find pride
No logic or reason
Nothing human
Just grim hindsight

Light my issues, burn my ties,
find solace in never looking back

Hollow me out
(Life is uncertain)
Tear out all feeling
(Life is bleak)
Hollow me out
Tear out all feeling
(Life is beautiful, and I love every waking, breathing, second)

I am ashamed
I am alone
(I am staring into the abyss
It's so dark, I'm not even sure if it's there)
Track Name: Three
Whatever way you look at it, we will die alone,
Be it loveless through all life, or love taken from you.

(I don't want to be sad any more)

And Even If you did die in someones arms,
You would have never have the chance to say goodbye.

Life is very long.

Everyday I drag myself through, the drain of mediocrity,
But when I'm old if I make it that far, I know I'll say, life is so very short.
But sadly, I already feel like I've lived too long,
I'm tired and I can't sleep. Fifty years is daunting to me.

I don't think I can make it that far.
Track Name: Batman Related Autoerotic Asphyxiation
Fuck off with your idiosyncratic liberal fantasies. Learn some real ethics before you start pointing the finger.
Track Name: One
The whole world is smiling at me, but I can only just frown back
No one died, even though a fair few left.
Endings aside the past few months have filled me up with so much joy,
I have to throw it all back up
It’s when you said
I miss your skin, and your arms
I miss feeling completely safe
like nothing can hurt me.

I like me when I’m with you I like me when I’m with you

I could stay tangled in your red hair forever

Making you smile was enough
You’re still the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen